Amplificatore per cuffie in Classe A
It's fast! It's powerful! It's evil! It's Perfidus!

This class-A headphone amplifier will blow you away. Literally. It is so fast and powerful that you need to handle it with care. But do not worry - we tamed it. With its super detailed reproduction and speed it will take your perception of music to another level. Classical orchestras will be more alive than ever and rock music will be beaty as it can be only on a live stage.

Perfidus is your ultimate choice for your headphones amplification.


  • WIMA high quality pulse input capacitors
  • class-a power amplifier
  • highest grade audiophile op-amp
  • Alps Blue Velvet volume potentiometer
  • gold plated RCA connectors
  • no output capacitors
  • on-board 2 x 15 V/15 W stabilized power supply
  • 40.000 uF power stabilization capacitors
  • robust aluminum chassis
  • RoHS compliant

Prezzo: € 999.00

Shipping: € 0.00

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